Baby Doll Beanie
chunky sun Pom Pom beanies for Minikane | Bee Like Kids
Chunky sun Pom Pom beanies for 13 inches dolls | Bee Like Kids
Chunky sun Pom Pom beanies for Mini Colettos | Bee Like Kids

Baby Doll Beanie

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These hand-knit chunky sun Pom Pom beanies for Minikane, Paola Reina, or Mini Colettos are adorable and perfect for pretend play and dress-up.

  • Fits 13 inches dolls
  • Handmade
  • Made with 100% Low Pill Acrylic Yarn

Studies have shown that playing with baby dolls is great for kids to develop empathy and social processing skills. The idea behind this is that babies are born without the ability to understand other people's emotions, but they can learn how to do so by interacting with a doll. Pretend play is fundamental for a child's development. It helps them to learn about themselves, their relationships with others, and the world around them.


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