Bath Toys


    Eco Friendly and Non-Toxic Bath Toys

    Non-toxic and eco-friendly fun bath toys for your little ones. Make bath time even more special with the perfect toy.

    There are so many reasons to love bath time, but it’s also one of those times when you have to be careful about what kind of toys you give your kids. The last thing you want is a bathtime toy that ends up in the toilet or worse yet, gets swallowed by your child!

    Make Bath Time Fun

    The best way to get your kid interested in bath time is to make it fun. This will help them enjoy the experience as much as you do. If they don't like bath time, then there's no chance they'll want to use the bathroom on their own.

    So how can you make bath time fun? Here are some ideas:

    Make sure your child has plenty of toys to play with while soaking. You want to keep things simple and not overwhelm them. Keep the number of toys low and let them choose which ones they want to play with.

    Try to have different kinds of toys available. Have a selection of bath bombs, bubbles, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and scented candles. Let your child pick out whatever he wants to play with. If your little one likes water games, make sure you have a few floating toys around. These include inflatable rings, balloons, cups, etc.

    There are lots of different things you can do in the bathtub, from traditional rubber duckies and cute little squirt toys to waterproof books and bath crayons. Let your little ones' imagination fly by decorating the bathtub wall or working on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination with our bath measuring cups.

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