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Charcoal Bamboo Insert - 5 Pack

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Keep your baby dry and comfortable with our Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Liners for Cloth Diapers  Bamboo Charcoal inserts are highly absorbent, soft, light weight and breathable.

  • Dimension: 33 X 5.3 cm
  • Designed to fit all one size pocket diapers or diaper cover
  • These diaper inserts are reusable, machine washable and fast to dry. 
  • Super absorbent 5 layer design - 2 layer Bamboo Terry on the outer with a 3 layer microfiber core. 
  • Sold 5 per pack

Diaper Preparation

Diapers made from natural fibers take a bit more work to prep before they are ready to use on your baby. That’s because the natural oils need to be washed out of them as much as possible to ensure they are absorbent and won’t simply repel your baby’s urine.

To prep natural fiber diapers, you will wash them several times in hot water with cloth diaper safe detergent. This can be up to 6 to 8 times, or as little as 2 to 3. Once they come out of the dryer, check the absorbency in your diapers. If they are repelling, repeat the process for two more cycles and check again.


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