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Cloth Diaper Wet Bag - Farm Animals

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The cloth diaper Farm Animals wet bag is the perfect accessory to carrier wet clothes, dirty diapers, wipes, and other baby items with cute prints and water-resistant. 

The wet bags are made with waterproof fabric and have two separate compartments that you can close with a zipper. With double pockets, you can easily keep clean and dirty or wet items separate. You can easily store six washable diapers or swim diapers. 

With a handy loop and cute prints, you can hang the wet bag on your stroller or diaper bag to keep dirty clothes or dirty cloth diapers separated from clean diapers. They are perfect for daycare, road trips, beach, pool or vacations.

  •  Compact and waterproof material
  •  Size of 30cm x 40cm
  •  Two separate compartments for dry and dirty items
  •  A handy loop to hang the wet bag on the stroller
  •  Washable at 30 degrees air dry only.

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