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Merino Wool Newborn Cloth Diaper

Merino Wool Newborn Cloth Diaper

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If you are looking for a merino wool cloth diaper that fits perfectly on a newborn and a baby up to 2-3 months old, the Puppi infant size will be the best choice. PUPPI Newborn wool cloth diapers fit babies up to about 6.5 kg, providing a perfect fit and no big bottom effect. Well-thought cut allows proper airflow in the diaper and ensures that our wool cover will fit on any absorbent insert and PUPPI-fitted diaper in Newborn size.
A wool cover is an outer part of a cloth diaper that is supposed to keep the moisture of the absorbent insert inside the diaper.
When it's time to change the baby's nappy - we change the absorbent insert inside the diaper (or the fitted diaper), and we hang the wool cover for airing. It will be ready to use at the next diaper change.
Merino wool doesn't itch and is antibacterial and, therefore, perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin.
  • 100% merino wool 
  • Made in Poland
  • Weight: 0.15 lb
Care Instructions: Hand washing using wool shampoo. Ventilate after each use. 

Puppi is a Polish brand of modern reusable diapers. PUPPI diapers are a healthy alternative for your baby's skin and also for the environment, as all the fabrics they use are biodegradable.

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