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Merino Wool Newborn Bonnet - Sand | Hvid | Bee Like Kids

Merino Wool Newborn Bonnet - Sand

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A soft, seamless gender-neutral sand knitted bonnet made from 100% Merino Wool. The bonnet is medium thick and perfect for indoor or outdoor. Merino wool can create a microclimate around your baby, so they always have a constant temperature which is important for newborns as they can't regulate their body temperature. Merino wool is heat and moisture-regulating and ideal for all seasons.

Merino wool doesn't itch and is antibacterial therefore, perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin.

  • Material: 100 % extra fine Italian merino wool (oeko-tex, mulesing free).
  • Made in Belgium

Care Instructions

  • It's not necessary to wash merino wool frequently. This fiber is self-cleaning. 
  • It's perfect to air outside to have your products fresh again (humid weather is ideal for that). This may sound weird, but it really works.
  • Otherwise, wash it very gently by hand with lukewarm water of MAX.20° 
  • Use a wool detergent to clean.
  • WOOL PROGRAM 20°, low speed, at one's own risk as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on the washing machines.
  • We have noticed that some people had some 'accidents' by washing it. Be aware that 'delicate wash' is not a wool wash. The product will shrink if you wash it on a delicate program.

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