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Swim Diaper - Wild Animals

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Avoid running out of swimming diapers. You only need one HappyBear reusable swim diaper and your child will have swimming fun all summer long!

Like disposable diapers, the machine-washable swim diaper does not retain moisture. The urine runs through like in a bathing suit and is broken down by the chlorine in the pool water. This makes the reusable swim diaper nice and light and your baby can move freely. Unlike the regular diapers, you use the same cloth swim diaper from birth until your baby is about 3 years old. They are also perfect for your little ones' sensitive skin and they come in a wide variety of cute designs and a unique design that makes them easy to use and convenient to pack away. 

You can adjust the HappyBear reusable diaper with the handy adjustable snaps on the front. Thinking about which size swim diapers you take with you on beach days is a thing of the past. 

Make sure that the swim diaper fits snugly around your baby's legs and torso to avoid any accidents or a solid leak. There is no need for a disposable swim diaper under the HappyBear cloth swim diaper.

  • - Adjustable in size
  • - Light and compact
  • - Good fit due to elastic closure
  • - Can be used from 0-3 years
  • - Machine Washable at 40 degrees 


  • Outer layer: 100% Polyurethane (Polyester)
  • Inner: Mesh fabric

Reusable swim diapers are amazing and are essential if you're hitting the pool or beach. 

  • They are not designed to soak up the liquid. They are designed to hold solid and let liquid pass through them like a swimsuit.
  • They are quite inexpensive and they will last for several years.
  • Even the best disposable swimming diapers just don't fit as well, and public pools know it. Most pools require you to use a plastic or rubber cover over the disposable.
  • They don't go straight to the landfill after 30 minutes of use, but instead, they can be passed down to younger siblings.

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